Risk-Based vs Faith-Based

This chapter is part of GET CLEAR.

These four “pages” (i.e. sections) within Fear-Based vs Faith-Based will help cement in your mind why you should continue with the workshop.

After all…you’re busy! Growing a human, working (inside or outside the home), catching up with friends, organising your home ready for bub, investing in your marriage relationship, seeing family and more! Finishing an online course is just a very small part of your life. And it takes time and focus.

But these four pages are so crucial. They’re at the start for a reason. They will show you why faith beats fear any day. Plus, a weirdly surprising reason what so many women have tricky births.

Once you finish “Fear-Based vs Faith-Based”…

  1. You will know why most women have bad birth experiences (hint: it’s nothing to do with how young or old, experienced or inexperienced they are).
  2. You will know how many women in our culture have an undisturbed birth and how many have medical interventions (and why it matters for your birth).
  3. You will learn about common procedures that are part of most hospitals and how to navigate them.
  4. You will know all the different people who could support you in birth (and see all the pros and cons of each in one table!).

So, now you know why you should jump into Risk-Based vs Faith-Based.

At the end of these four pages, we’ll have a checkpoint where you can share your feedback. Feedback is so valuable to me. More on that later. But for now… enjoy!