You Can Have a Quicker, Easier Birth. How? God is Better Than You Think. 

God is better than you think. 

It’s important for us to know God is good at the start, so we know that he hasn’t made a mistake with our design. Without this foundation of goodness, we might see the way some women give birth and feel discouraged or even a bit hopeless. There are a lot of women who experience pregnancy and birth as painful times. 

But I don’t believe this is our original design at all.

Before the creation of the world, God thought of you and your baby by name and made a plan so you could be together (Ephesians 1:4, Jeremiah 29:11). And we’re about to enter the time in history when you are your baby will meet and your story together will begin. In fact, if you’re pregnant now then your lives are already intermingled.

To me, this speaks very strongly of God’s goodness.

Writer Dr C. Baxter Kruger puts God’s goodness in these words: 

“From all eternity, God is not alone and solitary but lives as Father, Son, and Spirit in a rich and glorious fellowship of utter oneness. There is no emptiness in this circle, no depression or fear or insecurity…And this love, giving rise to such togetherness and fellowship and oneness, is the womb of the universe and of humanity within it. The stunning truth is that this God, in amazing and lavish love, opened the circle to share this life with us.”

God has created us to live upright, visionary, and creative lives. We are made to give birth easily. It’s God’s desire that we live free from pain, disappointment and suffering.

Nothing evil, hurtful, mean, crippling, disheartening or hopeless comes from God. Everything good, whole, light, fun, joyful, profound, productive, hopeful, enjoyable, laughable, intimate, connected and kind originates in Him. 

We are made in the image of God which means His way is our original design. These things are native to us also.

It’s your God-given destiny to experience the power of a miraculous birth by trusting God in the process.

God wants to use pregnancy as a vehicle for us to unlearn who He is not, so we can realise who He is. Then we can see ourselves and the journey of pregnancy in a more beautiful and meaningful way.

Once we reconcile that God is better than we think, then we can enjoy a birth that’s better than we can imagine!

“Now,” God says, “I am revealing new things to you. Things hidden and unknown to you. Created just now, this very moment. Of these things you have heard nothing until now.” (Isaiah 48:6-7).

Remember: It’s your destiny to experience a miraculous birth by trusting God in the process.

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